Elevating SAP Consumption with SAP Preferred Success: A Comprehensive Guide


In the ever-evolving world of business technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential for organizations seeking to maximize their investments in solutions like SAP. To help customers fully realize the value of SAP software, SAP Preferred Success has been introduced. This program is designed to improve consumption by offering five key activities supported by three essential programs, all of which align with a customer’s lifecycle. In this blog, we will delve into the details of SAP Preferred Success, exploring its five key activities and the three supporting programs that are pivotal to its success.



The Five SAP Preferred Success Activities


  1. Design Discovery Checks


The journey to successful SAP utilization begins with understanding your organization’s unique needs and goals. Design Discovery Checks involve a deep dive into your business processes, requirements, and challenges. By conducting a thorough analysis, SAP can tailor its recommendations and solutions to align with your specific objectives, ensuring that the SAP implementation is precisely customized to meet your needs.


  1. Capability Advisory Checks


SAP solutions offer a vast array of capabilities, and it’s crucial to harness the ones that are most relevant to your organization. Capability Advisory Checks help you identify and leverage the functionalities that will have the most significant impact on your business. This ensures that you make the most out of your SAP investment, optimizing your operations and processes.


  1. Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks


Effective SAP consumption requires a robust technical foundation. Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks assess your IT infrastructure, ensuring that it can support SAP solutions seamlessly. These checks help identify any potential bottlenecks or issues that may hinder your SAP implementation. By addressing these concerns early on, you can minimize disruptions and downtime.


  1. Solution Launch Checks


Launching an SAP solution is a critical phase in your technology journey. Solution Launch Checks provide guidance and support during this pivotal moment. They help ensure that your solution is deployed successfully, and your team is well-prepared to use it. This phase sets the stage for efficient and productive SAP consumption.


  1. Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks


The world of business is dynamic, and challenges can arise unexpectedly. Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks provide you with ongoing support and guidance. Whether you encounter issues, need to adapt to changes, or simply want to explore new opportunities, SAP experts are on hand to provide ad-hoc advice and ensure that your SAP journey continues smoothly.


The Three Supporting Programs


  1. Enhanced SLA (Service-Level Agreement)


Dependable support is a cornerstone of successful SAP consumption. The Enhanced SLA program guarantees responsive and effective support, giving you peace of mind and minimizing disruptions. With clearly defined service levels, you can be confident that SAP will be there to assist you whenever you need it.


  1. Learning Hub


Continuous learning is essential for maximizing the benefits of SAP solutions. The Learning Hub provides your team with access to a wealth of training resources and materials. These resources help your workforce develop the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use SAP software. Whether it’s onboarding new team members or staying current with updates, the Learning Hub is a valuable resource.


  1. Release Guidance


SAP regularly releases updates and enhancements to its software. Staying informed about these changes is vital to keeping your SAP solutions optimized. Release Guidance ensures that you are aware of upcoming updates and provides guidance on how to adapt to them seamlessly. This program ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and continue to reap the rewards of the latest SAP innovations.




SAP Preferred Success is a comprehensive program designed to enhance consumption by aligning with the customer’s lifecycle. Its five key activities, combined with the support of the three vital programs, provide organizations with a roadmap to maximize their SAP investments. From initial design and discovery to ongoing support and learning, SAP Preferred Success ensures that you can harness the full potential of SAP solutions, driving efficiency and innovation throughout your organization. Consider this program as your strategic partner in achieving SAP success, delivering value at every step of your SAP journey.

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