iPaaS Isn’t Just a Hot Topic, It’s Essential for Your Business

What is iPaaS, and why is it such a hot topic right now? Simply put, businesses are getting buried in business applications, including both core and specialty apps across finance, HR, supply chain, and customer service. In fact, the average business has an average of 250 software applications in use across their operations at any time.

When these applications and relevant processes are not properly integrated and managed, it means that data can’t easily be shared between them, leading to a lack of visibility across the enterprise. Integrated connections are also needed to support AI technology, automated processes and workflows, and updates that can be acted on in real-time.

That’s why the best-run businesses are increasingly leaning toward an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to unify and digitize their business operations and add compatible solutions in a strategic way.

iPaaS is a modern, cloud integration platform that integrates everything – data, apps, processes, services, events, and devices – in real-time.

Why is this so important? Let’s take a look:

  • First, consider the number of apps used in business today. A dozen? Two dozen? More? The fact is, most companies, even small and midsize ones, rely on at least 250 applications. These applications don’t always speak to each other because they draw on different data types and formats. Therefore, you get contradictions, overlaps, disorganized hand-offs, and delays.
  • Next, think about your processes. If your data and applications aren’t connected, your processes can’t possibly be either. And, for speed and efficiency, you want processes that are not only connected, but automated.
  • Then, think about your people. Remote and distanced worker who are using a variety of different devices and tools. Individual lines of business, with their own KPIs and goals… Can everyone see the big picture? Or, are there disconnects, gaps, and silos?
  • Finally, consider what it takes to innovate. If you want to accelerate, invent, or disrupt, you need integrated data to guide your course.

Plus, the more comprehensive iPaaS’ offer rich, prepackaged integration content for common scenarios so you can get started quickly with minimal developer effort.

See why modern integration is bedrock of better business value.

SAP Integration Suite helps you quickly connect systems, automate business processes, and harmonize experiences across the extended enterprise with:

  • Prebuilt integrations managed and updated by SAP
  • Harmonized access to popular third-party cloud applications
  • Tools for designing, publishing, and managing APIs
  • AI-assisted development and integration optimization
  • Tools-based, guided approach to define, document, and govern your integration strategy

In a business world that’s becoming more complicated by the day, integration is not just a “nice to have.” It’s the connection that keeps your business running and innovating.

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