How to change button in Approval Form in SAP Build Process Automation

I faced a change that sometimes for a business requirement, business may need different nomenclature than Approve, Reject buttons in Approval Forms.

Log in to SAP BTP Cockpit to start SAP Build Process Automation service.

Create a Process from Lobby and create Approval Form by clicking on + button in the flow.Give some name to the approval form and click on create and then click on top right 3 dots and “Open Editor” for it. In the bottom right check for gear icon and click on it. Then in the right pane select drop down for “Button title” and select Custom. It will then ask you to Enter a Button title. Use the nomenclature as you need per Business requirement.


This way business requirement can be fulfilled to change button titles from:

Approve to Validated, Accepted, Done etc.

Reject to Invalid, Rejected, Review again etc.


Thank you

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