Announcing the 5th Executive Value Network (EVN) for Water and Wastewater service companies: Vervies, Belgium, October 18 – 19

Current edition of the Executive Value Network (EVN) pursues the consolidation to what is an international knowledge sharing forum focused into the analysis and discussion of digital transformation use cases of Water and Waste Water companies with the purpose to get valuable insights from peers and explore how to improve inefficient traditional processes while embracing new relevant technologies.


Event will highlight cases of digital transformation and recent innovations in water technology which we hope will provide a solid base for fruitful discussions, interesting information updates and, above all, the possibility to catch up with business peers and colleagues.


  • Welcome keynotes by SWDE and SAP
  • Smart Water Platform concept and cases:  water balance, water quality, smartmetering
  • Customer Experience
  • Sustainability
  • Asset Management
  • Visit to SWDE facility


Thanks to our sponsor Capgemini, the Executive Networking Dinner help attendees to join an executive community that extends beyond the conference, gaining knowledge from  peers and other companies, partners and vendors.

For those interested to join and take part in our discussions we have set up a registration website where updates on agenda and other useful information is as well provided.

Looking forward to see you in Verviers!

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