SAP Preferred Success: Setting the Foundation with Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks for SAP Analytics Cloud Connections

SAP Preferred Success: Unleashing the Power of Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks



In our journey through SAP Preferred Success, we have explored Design Discovery Checks Blog here, Capability Advisory Checks Blog here and even delved into Predictive Planning within SAP Analytics Cloud Blog here. Today, let’s dive into the third offering of Preferred Success: Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks. As part of the five key activities supported by three programs, these checks are designed to ensure that customers are well-prepared to harness the full potential of SAP solutions. Specifically, we’ll focus on Development Infrastructure Readiness for SAP S/4HANA in SAP Analytics Cloud.


SAP Preferred Success Recap:

SAP Preferred Success is a holistic program that encompasses five key services supported by three programs, all carefully tailored to align with a customer’s lifecycle. These services cater to different stages of a customer’s journey with SAP solutions. Today, we delve into Service #3: Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks.


Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks: Paving the Way for Success

Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks are essential for ensuring that the foundational elements required for a seamless SAP implementation are in place. In the context of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud, these checks provide crucial guidance on setting up connectivity between the two platforms to maximize the utilization of SAP S/4HANA data in SAC.

Key Focus Areas:

The Development Infrastructure Readiness check revolves around several vital aspects:


  1. Data Connectivity Overview: Participants gain an understanding of SAP Analytics Cloud’s Live and Acquired Data Connections, which enable access to both cloud and on-premises data sources.


  1. Prerequisites checks: To establish effective data connectivity to SAP data sources, certain prerequisites need to be met. This check outlines these prerequisites, ensuring a smooth setup process.


  1. Usage of Data Connections: The check educates users on the practical applications of Live and Acquired Data Connections in Analytical and Planning Models, providing insights into how data can be effectively harnessed.


  1. Model Sharing and Story Creation: Beyond data connectivity, the check covers how to share models within SAP Analytics Cloud and create compelling stories using the models.


Objectives of Development Infrastructure Readiness Checks:

The primary objectives of the Development Infrastructure Readiness Checks in SAP Analytics Cloud are as follows:


  1. Introduce Data Connection Types: Familiarize participants with the different types of data connections available within SAP Analytics Cloud.


  1. Empower with Setup Knowledge: Provide participants with the knowledge required to set up data connectivity from their SAP Analytics Cloud tenant to both on-premises and cloud data sources.


  1. Share Best Practices: Offer best practices for model creation on data connections, enabling users to consume data either in a live or acquired mode.



To ensure the most effective use of the Development Infrastructure Readiness Checks, it is highly recommended that participants complete the SAP Analytics Cloud Introduction and Capabilities Webinars. These webinars provide fundamental knowledge that lays the groundwork for deeper exploration during these checks.


Data Connections overview: 

Connect your on-premise and cloud data sources to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Creating Live Data Connections

Creating Import Data Connections

Creating Export Data Connections


Recommended Attendees:

Development Infrastructure Readiness Checks benefit a range of professionals involved in SAP Analytics Cloud implementations, including:


– Business Architects

– Administrators

– Project Managers

– Report Developers


Interactive Sessions for Comprehensive Learning:

During the session, an SAP Functional Specialist will guide participants through the data connectivity options to SAP data sources, providing detailed insights into the scope of the check. Participants are encouraged to actively engage by asking questions, raising concerns, and discussing their plans, use cases, and requirements. Recommendations for setting up prerequisites outside of SAP Analytics Cloud and steps to create the connection within SAC will also be provided during the session.



Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks in SAP Preferred Success play a pivotal role in ensuring that customers are well-prepared for a successful SAP implementation. By focusing on data connectivity and infrastructure readiness, organizations can maximize the value of SAP S/4HANA data within SAP Analytics Cloud, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimized planning processes. As part of the comprehensive Preferred Success program, these checks underscore SAP’s commitment to delivering ongoing support and guidance throughout the customer journey. Prepare your development infrastructure, and set the stage for SAP success.


What’s Next:

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the next Preferred Success Service: “Solution Launch Checks” on my blog.

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Ramy Salem
Customer Success, SAP Australia

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