SAP Preferred Success: Ensuring Security and Connectivity with Solution Launch Checks

Title: SAP Preferred Success: Ensuring Security and Connectivity with Solution Launch Checks



In our ongoing journey through SAP Preferred Success, we’ve uncovered the core services that make up this comprehensive program. We’ve explored  Design Discovery Checks, ventured into Capability Advisory Checks including Predictive Planning Capabilities , and understood the potential of Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks. Today, we cast our spotlight on the fourth service: Solution Launch Checks. Under this offering, there are two sub-services, and we’ll dive into the first one – Solution Launch Check for Security and Connectivity. This service is geared towards ensuring that SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) users have configured security measures optimally while also verifying seamless connectivity to the desired backend systems.


Recapping SAP Preferred Success:

SAP Preferred Success is a program with five key activities supported by three programs, all thoughtfully designed to align with a customer’s lifecycle. These services cater to different phases of a customer’s journey with SAP solutions.



Solution Launch Check for Security and Connectivity:

Strengthening the Foundation

The Solution Launch Check for SAP Analytics Cloud Security and Connectivity is a critical component of SAP Preferred Success. This service is laser-focused on guaranteeing that organizations have implemented best practices when configuring security within the SAC application. Simultaneously, it ensures that connectivity to the desired backend systems has been established optimally, safeguarding data integrity and access control.


Key Focus Areas:

The Solution Launch Check for Security and Connectivity encompasses several essential aspects:


  1. Security Configuration Review:This involves an in-depth review of security configurations, including Single Sign-On (SSO) settings, user role management, and team management. It also examines how models, stories, boardrooms, and other assets are shared within SAC.


  1. Connectivity Assessment: The check evaluates the setup of live and import connectivity within SAP Analytics Cloud. Additionally, it assesses SSO connectivity to backend systems when applicable. The service also examines best practices for data export and import, especially when transitioning from development or quality assurance to production environments.


Optimal Setup for Go-Live:

The Solution Launch Check for Security and Connectivity is particularly beneficial for customers who have completed the onboarding of SAP Analytics Cloud and have already undergone the Development Infrastructure and Administrative Readiness check. Organizations planning for a go-live in the upcoming months are ideal candidates for this check.

Delivery Approach and Scope:

– The service is delivered typically spanning over 2 to 3 days.

– It involves a thorough review of security configurations and connectivity setup within the SAC application.

– Attendees are primarily required during the initial discussion and the final report presentation. Security administrators and SAC system administrators play a vital role in these sessions.

– During the remote session, an SAP Functional Specialist will request the necessary information to establish a connection to the customer’s system.

– Customers have the opportunity to raise concerns related to their security setup and connectivity during the Solution Launch Check kickoff meeting. The SAP Functional Specialist will endeavor to address these concerns during the session or provide recommendations for future improvements.

– The final report generated after the check will include findings and recommendations based on the assessment.



The Solution Launch Check for Security and Connectivity is a crucial step in SAP Preferred Success, ensuring that organizations have solid security measures in place and seamless connectivity to backend systems. By thoroughly reviewing security configurations and connectivity setup, this service empowers organizations to safeguard their data, streamline access, and lay a robust foundation for successful SAP Analytics Cloud usage. It exemplifies SAP’s commitment to supporting customers throughout their journey, from initial setup to ongoing success.


What’s Next:

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the next Preferred Success Service: “Solution Launch Checks for Performance Optimization” on my blog.

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Ramy Salem

Customer Success, SAP Australia

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