SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet Update using Integration Center

Hello SAP SuccessFactors EC and IC Community,

Recently a client came with a requirement to automate their employee’s timesheet from Biometric system’s data. I tried searching for some blogs but couldn’t find one. So thought to create one with step by step instructions.

Here we will be using External time data entity, Integration center and SFTP.

1.Upload Biometric system generated CSV (UTF-8) file in SFTP as shown in below format.


CSV File format


2.  Setting up an Inbound integration.

Go to Admin center-> Integration center -> My Integration-> Schedule CSV Input integration.



My Integration


3. Select the entity set which will be used for timesheet update.


External time data


4. Go to configure fields step in Integration and upload sample csv.


Configure fields-Upload sample csv


5. Map the fields from sample csv to the destination fields of entity set.


Field mapping view


6. Run preview records and see if any error for fields.


Run preview records


7. Go to source setting and enter SFTP source details from where to pick the file.


Source setting


8.Schedule the Integration as per requirement of daily, weekly or yearly.




9. Review the Integration details and deploy.


Review Integration


10. Before Integration run timesheet employee record.


Before – Timesheet


11. After Integration run timesheet employee record.


After – Timesheet


After taking the steps above you will be able to run your new inbound integration and you can check the content by looking at the timesheet of employees. Additionally, you can of course make changes to the integration to get more out of it.

I hope that the steps above help you set up your integration and that you will make many more integrations after that. ?

Kind regards,


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