Message Reprocessing using Data Store

Hey Learners, In this blog let’s see how to build an Automated Message Reprocessing Flow using a Data Store. This scenario helps when Integration Flow fails due to the unavailability of the target system or some connectivity issues.



This blog explains how the data is stored in the data store and retriggers the data to the target system without manual intervention.


What is a Data Store?

As the name itself indicates it is the collection of operations that allows to store and receive messages into/from the database.

It supports 4 types of operations:

Write: The write operation is used to store the messages temporarily in the data store.

Get: The get operation is used to fetch a specific message from the data store.

Select: The Select operation is used to fetch the bulk of messages from the data store.

Delete: The Delete operation is used to trigger the deletion of messages in the data store.


Integration Flow Details:


Description: In this Integration Flow we are creating the data store in the exception subprocess so that if the Iflow fails due to some exception/connectivity issues, the Retry Iflow (Integration Process) will be retriggered. It will capture the incoming data in the Write Data Store and delete the same data once it is re-processed successfully.



  1. Capture the incoming payload in the property tab with the help of the content modifier.
  2. Create an exception subprocess add a content modifier and call the payload which is stored in the main integration process in the message body.
  3. Create a data store by using the palette option “Write” and provide the required details.
  4. Now create the Integration process and replicate the same.
  5. Add the timer to reprocess.
  6. Call the data store which is created using the select data store step. Now the stored data will be used and re-processed successfully.


The Data Store was created.

Retry Iflow got triggered successfully.



Hope this blog is helpful and informative. If you have any other further queries, please feel free to drop a comment below.


Thank you,

Mounika Namineni.



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