Unlock the Power of SAP Preferred Success for Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Title: Unlock the Power of SAP Preferred Success for Business Technology Platform


The digital age demands agility and innovation. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) equips businesses with the tools needed to navigate this dynamic landscape. But to truly harness its potential, you need more than just technology – you need a strategic partnership, and that’s where SAP Preferred Success comes in.

A Glimpse into SAP Preferred Success

Preferred Success isn’t just a support program; it’s your journey’s co-pilot. It encompasses a range of activities and resources that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and the specific stage of your SAP BTP adoption.


Five Key Activities of SAP Preferred Success

1. Design Discovery Checks: It all starts with understanding your unique business requirements. These checks dive deep into your processes, ensuring SAP BTP aligns seamlessly with your goals.

2. Capability Advisory Checks: SAP BTP is feature-rich, but which capabilities are crucial for your success? These checks help you identify and leverage functionalities that matter most to your organization.

3. Development Infrastructure & Admin Readiness Checks: A robust technical foundation is vital. These checks ensure your IT infrastructure supports SAP BTP effectively, minimizing potential disruptions.

4. Solution Launch Checks: This is the pivotal moment when you go live with SAP BTP solutions. Solution Launch Checks provide guidance and support, setting the stage for success.

5. Ad-hoc Advisory and Success Checks: Business landscapes evolve. These checks offer ongoing support, whether you face challenges, adapt to changes, or explore new opportunities.


Three Supporting Programs

1. Enhanced SLA: Dependable support is a cornerstone of success. Preferred Success customers enjoy enhanced SLA targets, including faster response times for critical incidents.

2. Learning Hub: Continuous learning is vital for success. Gain unlimited access to SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, empowering your team with valuable training resources.

3. Release Guidance: Stay ahead of SAP updates with release guidance. It ensures you adapt seamlessly to changes, maximizing the benefits of the latest SAP innovations.

Achieve Relevant Outcomes During Each Release Cycle. Receive in-depth release guidance tailored to your business outcomes. Stay on top of SAP BTP updates and optimize your deployment.

Maintain Peace of Mind Throughout the Deployment

Feature Adoption Planning and Success Checks help you optimize SAP BTP usage post go-live. Improve business processes and reduce administrative efforts.

Success Planning

Preferred Success delivers real value, including business outcome realization, guidance, solution adoption, and an enhanced customer experience.

Unlock the full potential of SAP BTP with Preferred Success and drive innovation within your organization.

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