Employee Replication Failed-HRSFEC_PTP_EE_REPL

Symptom: Replicating the employee from Employee central to Employee Central Payroll using transaction code HRSFEC_PTP_EE_REPL. A window pops up asking to enter user name and password. As show in the below screenshot some of the errors are raised in transaction SLG1.

Reason: As stated in SAP note 2994256 it is due the combination of invalid user id and password. In this case the login name field got disappeared (screenshot is post fixing the issue)



In order to resolve this case, the certificate was uploaded again and had to reset the user ID password. Below steps were performed to identify client ID and upload the certificate.

The SSL certificate client ID will be unique for each client.


Step 1: Go to transaction code HRSFEC_PTP_COFIG and get client ID(100_SD)


Step 2 : Go to transaction code STRUST to download the certificate. Refer to the SSL certificate Client id, identified in step1. In this case it 100_SD

  1. Double click on the SSL client folder
  2. Double click on the link to populate the certificate details.

3. Export the certificate


Step 3: Select the file format as Base64 and save it with an extension as .CER


Step 4: Login to Employee Central and goto Security Center portlet. Select the below highlighted tile.

Step 5:  Click on Add, to upload the certificate.

Step 6: Upload the certificate , enter the Login name and click on save.

Step 7: Reset the ‘login name’ user password.

Step 8: Access the replication transaction to ensure it is no longer asking for User id & password. And also the replication is successful.


Credit: Pushpdeep Tiwari & Mohit Chopra

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