Key take-aways from the SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2023


From October 10th to 13th The SAP ALM Summit EMEA took place in Mannheim in 2023.

Under the motto “Energize your ALM transformation!” There were various sessions and demos on the topic of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

With this blog post I would like to share my personal impressions and experiences. Have fun while reading.


SAP ALM Summit EMEA (Source SAP)


For speed readers: Mind Map as a Summary on one page – Concept of “One” – see further down in this blog post 🙂


Mind Map (Source D. Enderli)


Key figures SAP Cloud ALM Success and Momentum

Marc Thier presented very impressive figures about the momentum of SAP Cloud ALM.

  • 4.000 customers
  • 8 new customers per day
  • First 1.000 customers in 19 months
  • Second 1.000 customers in 7 months
  • Third 1.000 customers in 4 months


SAP Cloud ALM Success and Momentum (Source: SAP)

Stand Oct 2023


The Big Picture

The big picture shows the four tools in the ALM area, these are:

  • LeanIX
  • SAP Signavio
  • SAP Cloud ALM
  • SAP Enable Now


Transformation Suite Approach (Source: SAP)


One Suite

The aim is for all tools to have an integrated approach with the goal of “One Suite”.


One Suite (Source: SAP)


One Methodology

The credo “One Methodology” also applies in the area of methodology.


One Methodology (Source: SAP)


One Process

This “One Process” credo also applies to the processes area.


One Process (Source: SAP)


Interaction Components

The input forms the strategy and as output we receive specifications for implementation

The interaction between LeanIX – SAP Signavio – SAP Cloud ALM should look like this:


Interaction Components (Source: SAP)

Documentation in SAP Cloud ALM

The Documents app has been available for a few weeks and is gradually being expanded with new functions.



Notes and Documents with Relations (Source: SAP)


Notes and Documents with Relations (Source: SAP)


A very helpful definition for Features can be found below:


Features (Source SAP)Feature%20Traceability%20%28Source%20SAP%29

Feature Traceability (Source SAP)


Open Telemetry

In the area of APIs and operations, the concept of “Open Telemetry” seems interesting to me. I will find out more about this.

There is a good blog post about this from  Xavier DUPEYRAT : LINK


Open Telemetry (Source SAP)

SAP Business Transformation Center

The “Business Transformation Center (BTC)” area already exists in SAP Cloud ALM. Functions for a “Lean Selective Data Transition” will follow from Q4 2023.


SAP Business Transformation Center (Source: SAP)



As a summary, I would like to let the pictures do the talking this time.

Because pictures say more than 1000 words 🙂

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