Unlocking the Power of Data with SAP Analytics Cloud: A Learning Journey


In today’s data-driven world, having the skills to extract valuable insights from data is not just an asset; it’s a necessity. If you’re eager to learn data analysis and visualization, we have an incredible opportunity for you. Join us on a learning journey designed to introduce you to the incredible capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).  Exploring SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning Objectives


Upon completing this learning journey, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to:


  1. Effortlessly Navigate SAC: Master the SAP Analytics Cloud interface.
  2. Manage and Share Data: Learn how to effectively manage and share files within the platform.
  3. Speak SAC’s Language: Understand the essential terminology used in SAP Analytics Cloud.


All Skill Levels Welcome


Whether you’re entirely new to data analytics or you have some experience under your belt, this learning journey is accessible to all. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of SAP Analytics Cloud, catering to learners at all levels.


What’s on the Agenda


Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to explore in this learning journey:


Unit 1 – Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud (3 Lessons, 48 mins)**

– Navigating in SAP Analytics Cloud

– Managing Files

– Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud Terminology


Unit 2 – Establishing Data Sources and Connections (2 Lessons, 19 mins)**

– Explaining Data Sources and Connections

– Creating Insights Using Live Data


Unit 3 – Using Modeling (3 Lessons, 32 mins)**

– Explaining Modeling Options

– Exploring Live Models and Import Models

– Creating a Basic Model


Unit 4 – Using Basic and Advanced Stories (3 Lessons, 1 hr 12 mins)**

– Viewing and Interacting with a Story

– Building Simple Stories

– Scripting Advanced Stories


Unit 5 – Using Planning (1 Lesson, 50 mins)

– Describing Planning Features


Unit 6 – Using Basic Augmented Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud (1 Lesson, 15 mins)

– Exploring the SAP Analytics Cloud AI Functionality for Augmentation


Unit 7 – Using Collaboration Features (2 Lessons, 40 mins)

– Providing Feedback Using Discussions and Comments

– Using the SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar


Hands-On Practice


To ensure you gain a deep understanding of these concepts, we provide fully configured live SAP software environments. You can work with the platform, complete exercises, cross-train, and experiment in a real-world setting.


Join Live Sessions


Missed a live session? No problem! You can watch the recordings of our live sessions at your convenience.


Collaborate in the SAP Learning Group


Have questions or need guidance on your learning journey? Join our SAP Learning Group moderated by an SAP Learning expert. It’s a space to collaborate with fellow learners, prepare for SAP Certification exams, and get the support you need.


Explore Additional Courses


As part of this learning journey, you’ll also gain access to various courses that delve deeper into SAP Analytics Cloud:


– SACE11: Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud

– SACS21: SAP Analytics Cloud: Story Design

– SACM21: SAP Analytics Cloud: Modeling and Data Transformation


Record of Achievement

Once you’ve successfully completed all the quizzes in this learning journey, you’ll receive a digital badge. Feel free to share your badge in the comments below.   I got my Badge here

Ready to unlock the potential of SAP Analytics Cloud and enhance your data analysis and visualization skills? Start your learning journey now by visiting the SAP Learning Link to course here


SAP Analytics Cloud opens the door to becoming a proficient data analyst and visualizer. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your skillset. Happy learning! 📈💡 #SAPAnalyticsCloud #DataAnalysis #SAPLearningJourney


Thank you.

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