Partners Welcome – Projects of the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative are open for your registration until November 10, 2023

The third cycle of the 2023 SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) is in full swing. The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative enables you as an SAP customer or partner, to get early insights into SAP’s product developments and directly work with the developers to define and shape future product directions. There has been a tremendous response in terms of customer registrations for different projects.

This is a specific call for partners to go through the projects and register to influence SAP products/applications.

SAP works closely with many partners to build and innovate. This time we have a few projects that are primarily seeking partners to influence their development. Also, there are a few projects open for partners.

The projects will be open for registration until November 10, 2023.

Those are the projects that are explicitly looking for registrations from SAP Partners:


Industry Solutions

Supply Chain Management

SAP Business Technology Platform

CRM & Customer Experience

Lifecycle Management

Data & Analytics

SAP Database & Data Management

User Assistance

Innovation Center Network

SAP Globalization Services


Visit the Customer Influence website on to register.

Follow-up after registration: When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call with the SAP project lead. At this point further participation is optional. Typically, all activities are governed by the Feedback Agreement with SAP.

Thank you in advance for your participation,

Your SAP Customer Engagement Initiative Team

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