New Info Design of What’s New for Employee Central Localization for Multiple Countries/Regions

We continuously enhance the Employee Central Localization module with changes to data models, picklists, and configuration files based on country/region-specific requirements. Each release we have several enhancements or new development for around 10 countries/regions for Employee Central Localization.  

Previously, we provided one What’s New topic for each country/region. In this release, to provide a comprehensive overview of the country/region-specific development in Employee Central, we provide a combined What’s New topic called “Localized Enhancements for Multiple Countries/Regions”.  


Localization WNV 2H 2023


The combined What’s New topic contains a data table in which you can filter or sort by country/region. In addition, it provides the following information: 

  • Title: Provides a summary of the enhancement 
  • Description: Provides the details of the enhancement 
  • Configuration Requirements: If relevant, provides instructions about how you can implement the enhancement 
  • Before: If relevant, provides a textual or visual summary of the system or UI before the enhancement or new development 
  • After: If relevant, provides a textual or visual summary of the system or UI after the enhancement or new development 
  • Jira ticket: Jira ticket number for the enhancement or new development 
  • Enablement: The values of enablement describe the effort that you must make to configure new SAP SuccessFactors features or enhancements. 
  • More Information: Provides a link to the product documentation on SAP Help Portal. 

Besides filtering and sorting relevant columns, you can search for a keyword in a specific column or in the table.  

So now instead of reading multiple topics, you use this one central topic to understand what changes are delivered to the data models, picklists, and configuration files, for which countries/regions.  

Do you like the new info design? Do you find it easier to scan the information? Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion by leaving a comment for this blog.  

For more information, refer to the new combined topic: Localized Enhancements for Multiple Countries/Regions | SAP Help Portal




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