SuccessFactors Career Development Planning: Major releases for 2H 2023

Hi Community,

The 2H 2023 release is here!

A new set of enhancements has been released in the 2H 2023 release that has been eagerly awaited. The SAP SuccessFactors H2 2023 Release includes some key features and enhancements, so let’s take a closer look!


1- Add or Remove Participants After Launching Supervised Mentoring Programs:

Now, Mentoring administrators and program owners can add or remove mentors and mentees after a supervised program is launched and initially, mentors and mentees are matched. When added or removed, mentors and mentees receive corresponding email notifications, including the following:

  • Mentoring Invitation to Additional Mentors
  • Mentoring Invitation to Additional Mentees
  • Mentor/Mentee Removal Notification

Enablement: Automatically on

Customer Community Idea

2- Create Custom Learning Activities in Latest Development Goals:

Now, the User can create Custom Learning Activities using the Latest Goal Management that isn’t available in SAP SuccessFactors Learning.


Development Goal Screen

Enablement: Customer Configured

3- Create up to 200 Mentoring Activities:

Mentors and mentees can now create up to 200 activities to record mentoring details. Previously, the maximum number of activities was 5.


Mentee Screen


Mentor Screen

Enablement: Automatically on

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4- Reopen Mentoring Programs:

Mentoring administrators can reopen a mentoring program after it is completed. When they reopen the program, its status changes to “In Progress”.

Admin Center>Manage Mentoring Program>Completed Program>Reopen button next to Delete icon


Reopen Mentoring Program

Enablement: Automatically on

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5- Skills Available in Career Worksheet:

If you’ve migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub and enabled Growth Portfolio, users can now explore skills besides competencies for their current role and target roles in the Career Worksheet.

Employees can access the below items using the career worksheet:

  • View the skills and competencies required for a job role.
  • View the gap between the expected rating of a skill or competency and the self-rating they provided in the Growth Portfolio in a horizontal bar chart.
  • Create development goals for the skills and competencies
  • Check role readiness, calculated using self-ratings and expected ratings of skills and competencies
  • Use a picker to filter job roles by skills and competencies when exploring suggested roles


Career Worksheet

Configuration Requirement:

You’ve migrated to Talent Intelligence Hub and enabled Growth Portfolio.

Enablement: Customer Configured

Here are just a few of the changes included in the latest release. For a detailed release summary, check out the “What’s New Viewer” for a list of enhancements across the application.

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