Organizing an SAP Code Jam together with delaware BeLux

Dear Code Jam Team,

As an SAP Partner, we are keen to host a Code Jam event centered around the theme ‘With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, and Business Sites Without Coding’. We seek your expertise and support to bring this initiative to life.

Our colleagues in Flanders have previously hosted a Code Jam event that was met with great enthusiasm. Inspired by their success, we aim to replicate this achievement for our French-speaking clients in Wallonia.

We would greatly value your guidance in planning this event and request the involvement of a SAP specialist to lead the Code Jam session.

Our proposed venue is our office in Waver (Belgium – Avenue Fleming), targeting a June 2024 timeframe. We are planning for an intimate gathering, limiting attendance to 20-25 participants, though we are open to scheduling the event sooner if feasible.

We appreciate your consideration and are excited about the prospect of collaborating on a successful Code Jam event!

Best regards,

Timéa du Moulin – [email protected]

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