SAP Single Sign on 3.0 with several Domains

Hi all,

im facing an actual problem with integrating SAP SSO within our enviroment. As of now we have two domains.

[email protected] -> SAP-Servers (Netweaver, HANA) are here.

[email protected] -> Just accesing our SAP-Systems via SAP Logon (MPLS)

The domains do not have an trust relationship. As i unterstand i need to configure service accounts in both AD

´s. Which i already did for SAP SSO works for the User in this domain.

My questions are now:

1. Do i need to create the Service account on with the same Name, SPN and password?

2. What do i have to configure within SAP (snc1) for the user using an email with

Do i need to do additional steps? If you need any further informations please let me know.

I read several notes like:

SAP Single Sign-On: Authenticate with Kerberos/SPNEGO | SAP Blogs

Best regards


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