SAP SuccessFactors Learning xAPI, Joule and OCN (LinkedIn Learning integration)

Hello everyone,

I have a few questions and cannot find anywhere the answers. Hopefully, there will be someone who can answer them and help me with my final masters thesis about SAP SuccessFactors Learning information system. 

I would like to know if SAP SuccessFactors Learning already works in Europe with interoperability standard xAPI (tin can). I found on the web that it works already with SCORM and AICC interoperability standards. I heard that xAPI is planned to be a part of SAP SF Learning, but dont know if it is already implemented.

As new release showed, Joule is a new chatbot assistant which is supposed to be a part of SuccessFactors solutions. Is it already implemented in SAP SuccessFactors Learning in european countries or is it still in progress..?

OCN (Open Content Network) is a function of SAP SuccessFactors Learning to provide learning content from SAP external partners such as LinkedIn Learning. I also found on the web that there is a possibility to integrate LinkedIn Learning with SAP SF Learning, so users can see in SAP learning catalog courses from LinkedIn Learning. My question is, while these systems are integrated correctly if there is a possibility to record any data to SAP SuccessFactors Learning from LinkedIn Learning (if an user for example completes a course), will be data recorded in SAP SuccesFacotrs Learning?

Thank you very much, if there is something which can help me a little bit to understand these topics I would really appreciate your answers. Thx 

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