Maintenance view selection conditions not working

Hi All!

I have 2 tables:

  • ZBC_ROLES (mandt, agr_name, note) with foreign key AGR_NAME from AGR_TEXTS
  • AGR_TEXTS (mandt, agr_name, spras, line, text)

I created a maintenance view with fields: MANDT, AGR_NAME, TEXT (from AGR_TEXTS), NOTE.

In selection conditions I set AGR_TEXTS LINE EQ ‘00000’ AND AGR_TEXTS SPRAS EQ SY-LANGU.

In SM30 I can add any roles from AGR_TEXTS and I get the TEXT for it, but it’s not the one I need. Not from line 0, and not for my language (eg. line 1 from spras D).

For conditions for line, I also tried ”, ‘ ‘, ‘0’, < ‘1’ …
For conditions for spras, I also tried ‘H’, ‘HU’, LIKE ‘H%’ …


What do I do wrong? Please help me.


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