SAFT Poland report from 2 systems

we plant to transfer one of our Polish legal entities from one SAP instance to another one on the date 01/04/2024; we this move we are transferring SAFT-Poland solution as well.

But now we came to discussion what should be Cutover procedure (step by step) for this solution as well what should be done for the data left in old environment and how we are going to report them in SAFT-PL. 

For example: bit part of March postings will be in old P01 environment, and some March postings will be already in new environment EP1 à how we can report them in SAFT-PL?

If any of you had experience of such transfer, please, can you share how it was done on your side? Especially when you need to report SAFT-PL from 2 systems?

Thank you in advance, Luba

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