RE – How to send a SOAP message ( Consumer Proxy ) to multiple SAP systems from a SAP ERP system

Hello SAP Experts, I have a requirement to send BP from SAP ERP(core) system to EWP(S/4 HANA) and TMS(S/4 HANA).  Both EWM and TMS have object BUSINESSPARTNERSUITEBULKREPLIC and we created service binding in both the systems. Now in ERP Core there is consumer proxy: CO_MDG_BP_RPLCTRQ. I have created logical port for each EWM and TMS.

When I am making logical port for EWM and default, data is following to EWM only. Similarly if I make TMS logical port as default then only data following to TMS.  But my requirement is to send data to both EWM and TMS simultaneously. 

Note: We are not using MDG system.

Please help me if there any technique to achieve this. Thanks in advance.  

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