First script – Sap scripting extraction – how to put a wait to “extract finished” ?

Hello !

I’m working about making a script. First steps 😅
Idea :

Starting from a variant, do an extract from a time period & export the result on a excel file. Extract is done via SP01.

The actual problem (& why it’s separated) :
I have to wait the end of the extraction (with a variable time between 20 & 70 seconds).
When the extract is done (seen on SMX as “finished”), i can launch the second part of the extraction to Excel (with “save=>list=>local file, etc…”).

At the moment, i separated the script in 2 files to know when it’s done…

Second try, i put the command “wscript.sleep 30000” inside the vbs (but when the extract is longer…it doesn’t work…due to the 30 seconds fixed period)

So here’s my question…How can i manage sap to continue the script only when the extraction is finished ?
Thanks a lot 🙂

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