About Workarea Folder Structure in SAP Enable Now for Simulations & In-App Content

Please help with your inputs on the Workarea folder structure as requested below:

Scenario 01:

In the SAP Enable Now, we created a new regular Workarea. The Workarea shows the Content folder automatically created under Unsorted, as shown in the picture below.

image (1).png

Now, under the Contents folder, to store simulations, I will create the subfolders, such as Creation, Maintenance, and Publish as explained in the Master Author course and in this Community blog. 

My Question: Should the Content folder remain under Unsorted, or should I manually move it to some other location in the Workarea, for example, Root Group? What is the best practice for the same?

Scenario 02:

In the second scenario, we created an Extended Workarea based on a standard Workarea. The extended workarea does not show the Content folder created automatically under Unsorted, as shown in the picture below:

Screen capture 04.png

Question 01: 

Here, I want to create subfolders to store simulations as well In-App guided tutorials. So, should I manually create the Content folder first under Unsorted, and then create the subfolders, such as “Creation, Maintenance, and Publish“?

Finally, should my subfolders be under Unsorted only, or need to be moved to some other location in the Extended workarea? What’s the best practice here?

Question 02: 

For the In-App content as well, should I use the similar folder structure such as “Creation, Maintenance, and Publish” like simulations? OR, we generally do not duplicate the In-App Guided Tour shells under Creation, Maintenance, and Publish folders separately. What is the best practice here?

Thanking you in advance for your inputs. 

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