Sap Inside Track Bangalore – 17th Feb Key Highlights

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As part of the core content team organizing Sap Inside Track Bangalore on 17 February 2024, I am here to share the highlights of the event.

We saw an immense footprint of this sap inside the track right here in Bangalore.

Here, you see the overall feedback.



Top Event Feedback.

  1. In the event “AI and genAI,” I particularly appreciate the focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and its intersection with generative AI (genAI). These topics are at the forefront of technological innovation and have significant implications across various industries. Exploring advancements, applications, and ethical considerations in AI and genAI can provide valuable insights into the future of technology and its impact on society. Additionally, the event likely offers opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration with experts and enthusiasts in these fields, making it a compelling platform for knowledge exchange and professional growth.
  2. I had great time to know about SAP BTP, S/4HANA, SAP BTP & Other Products with AI, new cloud innovations, SAP Cloud ALM stall, SAP Datasphere, Integrations, SAP Build Low-code/No-code, etc. The community really helped me to know about the new innovations at SAP Labs to make us learn, market, implement for our customers.
  3. The hand’s on and Track 4 sessions were phenomenal. As a Graduate Student, I had the opportunity to explore a lot in SAP. One specific thing I loved about the event was all about co-ordination and how happy it felt to be a part of the event.
  4. In this event we’re getting so much learning material from experts.

Session Feedback




Based On the above result, below are the top  five liked session

  1. Harnessing the power of Resource Scheduling in S/4 Hana.
  2. Side-by-Side Extensibility with SAP Build Apps: Create Service Order with Appointment using Map View.
  3. Concur strategy.
  4. SAP Cloud ALM: A Comprehensive Overview and demo into Dynamic Alerting powered by AI
  5. Two-Tier ERP with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud: Taking Your Business to New Heights


Below are the three most adorable feedbacks for the session.

  1. Dharani’s insights reveal a multifaceted approach to leveraging AI-driven analytics. Retailers are utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze diverse data sources, including transaction histories, browsing patterns, and demographic information, to create nuanced customer profiles. Dharani’s examples underscore the transformative impact of AI-driven analytics on decision-making.
  2. The session featuring Ajit and Aryan focused on elucidating the transformative potential of the SAP Business Technology Platform in fostering adaptability for digital transformation. Through real-world examples and insightful analysis, they underscored the platform’s role in enabling organizations to develop flexible and resilient applications capable of navigating dynamic business landscapes. Attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of adaptability and agility in driving successful digital initiatives, with practical strategies for leveraging the platform’s capabilities to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving market environment.
  3. Thanks Syambabu for the wonderful insights into SAP Graph. Explaining GRaphQL is the cherry on cake.

Topics Of Interest For Next Sap Inside Track.

  1. Business AI.
  2. BTP(Business Technology Platform) & Side-by-Side Extension.
  3. Cloud Based Solution like S/4Hana Public Cloud, Sap Cloud ALM.

Areas of Improvement.

  1. Time to extend for Q & A sessions.
  2. It was overall good. Need some more hands on sessions like sap code jam, Unlock power of AI, Build Apps. Because as a developer I felt and belive more practical knowledge gives more understanding in technology.
  3. Business use case based session.


I sincerely thank Abhishek Chatterjee and Mahesh Pallavalli for the opportunity and their trust in me to be included in the core team. 

I am thankful to my leadership, Ashwini and Arun, for allowing me to go beyond the boundaries of my day-to-day activities. I also express my deep gratitude toward Sindhu Gangadharan, whose leadership and strategic insights were crucial in expanding the SAP Community’s reach in this region to new heights.


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