French Character transfer issue in the file to Partner non-SAP-systems


We recently did an unicode conversion of our SAP ECC6.0, we are on EHP8. Post that, when we generate an extract of master data that has French characters like accents, these characters look good on screen and in the file display in AL11 directory. When we download they look good to. However when the file is transferred systematically to another partner system via FTP or SFPT or MFT, the French characters are distracted on the target server. 

Example: PLàINFIéLD COùRTï in SAP is shown as PLàINFIéLD COùRTï  on the partner systems.  

There was no upgrade nor any change on the partner systems. Only after post Unicode conversion of SAP this started happening. 

In our extraction program, we have this statement included as part of the mandatory step towards unicode conversion. 


Any leads in how to fix this issue to ensure Partner systems receive the correct French Characters from SAP file. Thank you in advance.

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