Missing purpose string in Info.plist

I am currently facing an issue delivering my IOS Build in Transporter:

ITMS-90683: Missing purpose string in Info.plist – Your app’s code references one or more APIs that access sensitive user data, or the app has one or more entitlements that permit such access. The Info.plist file for the “RNVApp.app” bundle should contain a NSSiriUsageDescription key with a user-facing purpose string explaining clearly and completely why your app needs the data. If you’re using external libraries or SDKs, they may reference APIs that require a purpose string. While your app might not use these APIs, a purpose string is still required.

I have attempted a numerous amount of fixes such as including that key in the plist file and then resigning the IPA file however I always get numerous errors in which they are identifying the files as invalid and that it has not been signed correctly.

Can this be added to the user strings section when configuring the build as other strings have? 

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