KS02 edit Cost Center

A coworker is encountering an error when editing a Cost Center. We have created a pool of paired Cost Centers and Internal Order #s that we use as new employees are hired. Since there have been some issues / errors when attempting to update the Cost Center (specifically with the Profit Center field), the coworker has tried editing that field, in advance of the actual update being made, to ensure that it can be updated, and SAP accepts the change being made to that field. However, subsequently, when the actual update needs to be made to the Cost Center for a new employee, and the Profit Center field is again attempted to be updated with the appropriate value, an error message displays indicating the the change cannot be made to that field.

When initially created (in bulk, via upload), these Cost Center / Internal Order # pairs are blocked, until such time as they are needed for a new employee, so no data can be posted against the Cost Center prior to its being ‘put into use’.

So my question is:¬† Can the Profit Center field not be ‘tested’ in advance of an actual update, since SAP considers that a ‘change’ to the field, and you only get one shot at doing so? Any thoughts on the nuances, caveats, or requirements within SAP for editing a Cost Center?

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