4 questions about customizing SAP

Hello everyone, have a nice weekend~~~
I have 4 current problems here and need “suggested solutions”
Here I have provided 4 requirements, but I don’t know how to answer the “suggested solutions”
Therefore, I would like to ask a few “suggested solutions” to the following four questions. How should I answer them?

1.Provide a mobile version of SAP so that users in need can access SAP through mobile phones or tablets
(Implementation plan? Should the SAP system provide a Web interface? Or a VPN connection… or??? Specific operations)

2.Provides the history of recent searches and allows you to quickly view previous search records.
(Implementation plan? How to implement it?)

3..If there is a TECN requirement in the work order, TECN related hyperlinks or real-time information functions can be set in SAP.
When you click on the TECN number in the query results, the designated TECN web page will automatically open.
(Implementation plan? How to implement it? For example: In the work order interface, you can fill in an additional field with the TECN number, and automatically link to the designated TECN web page after confirmation?)

Set the action when clicking a hyperlink in SAP, use the TECN number as a parameter, and specify the corresponding TECN web page URL

4.There will be lag problems when operating SAP online through remote desktop
The SAP software is set in the C slot of the current system of the machine. There is no need to use remote access to the server to start the SAP action.
(Implementation plan? How to implement it?)
Because the company’s internal network uses WIFI, some computers use remote desktop to enter the server before opening SAP on the server desktop. Sometimes there will be lags due to wifi problems, so I raised this question)

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