I would like to ask for assistance with SAP regarding the suggested solutions for the following four

Help! Could  please assist with providing specific solutions to these four issues?
Needs explanation

1.Provide a mobile version of SAP so that users with the need can access SAP via their mobile phones or tablets.
(Implementation plan? Should SAP system provide a web interface? Or VPN connection… or??? Specific steps?)

2.Provide a history record of recent searches for quick access to previous search queries.
(Implementation plan? How to achieve this?)

3.If there’s a TECN requirement in a work order, set up TECN-related hyperlinks or real-time information features in SAP. When clicking on the TECN number in query results, automatically open the specified TECN webpage.
(Implementation plan? How to achieve this? For example: adding a field in the work order interface where TECN number can be entered, then automatically linking to the specified TECN webpage upon confirmation?)

4.There are lagging issues when remotely accessing SAP via desktop remote connection.
SAP software settings are configured within the local system’s C drive, eliminating the need to access the server remotely to perform SAP actions.
(Implementation plan? How to achieve this?)

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