How to filter on a specific dimension member on geomap with area filter?

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to build up a geomap with the functionality to perform a geo proximity search from One sepcific Member of my 1st Location dimension, then it should display all the members of my 2nd Location e.g. 50km away from 1st Location.
Though there is no direct connection between 1st Location Members and 2nd Location Member they can not be linked together, furthermore I do not want to add a connection there because I do not want to exclude any shown location 2 members.

So this is also working fine I have 2 Layers on my map with the Location data of 2 different sources. Now there is no option to set a specific member of my 1st Location dimension as a refference point, so when I filter it shows all the members of 2nd location in the area arround every member of Location 1. 
I tried to fix that by filtering on one specific member of Location 1 in the Layer filter and through story and page filters, unfortunately this is only influencing what is displayed, so I see only the one selected member of Location one of the map, but its not influencing the map filter, so there are still shown the members of Location2 in the radius arround every Location 1 point. I know there is another feature with points of interest, but as this will discontinue soon, I do not want to build up on there anymore. Can anyone provide assistance here? As it seems to be a pretty standard use case.

Many thanks in advance!


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