Managing Finite multiple Quantities in MaterialsBOM (+ CK11N)

Dear SAP community,

I’m seeking assistance with managing finite quantities in a Bill of Materials (BOM). I need a way to ensure specific components in the BOM remain as int numbers and are not recalculated when evaluating material usage, similar to the “round to multiple” function in Excel.

Example Scenario:

In my production process, I use 3 drill bits for every 1,000 holes. However, when I evaluate a batch of 1,500 holes using transaction CK11N, SAP calculates a requirement of 4.5 drill bits. Ideally, I’d like it to suggest 6 drill bits. 

Desired Behavior:

I need SAP to consider the drill bits in whole numbers, following a multiple of 3:

  • 3 drill bits for 1,000 holes
  • 6 drill bits for 1,500 holes
  • 9 drill bits for 3,000 holes
  • 12 drill bits for 3,100 holes 


  1. Is there a way to configure SAP to handle finite quantities in the BOM with a specific multiple?
  2. Can I set a constraint on a specific material in the BOM to enforce int multiple numbers?
  3. While the MENGE field exists in the BOM, is there a way to utilize it to specify whole numbers for this scenario?

Additional Information to explain the problem:

Drill bit yields vary depending on the material:

  • Steel: 3,000 holes per drill bit
  • Brass: 4,000 holes per drill bit

Thank you for your time 

Best regards,


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