SFG Batch To FG Yield


Lets say for example, a SFG PO has 6 batches ( 6 vats). Each batch is unique. When packing the SFG Batches against the FG PO, the FG PO will have only one batch. I’m wondering if there is a way SAP could show the FG yield for each individual SFG Batch. I can run SQL report for ea’s produced per vat get yield per vat via MES data. However, I’m looking for a report a way this could be accomplished in SAP.  Documented goods movement visible via COR 3 for the SFG PO will show the volume used for each SFG Batch, however the FG PO’s documented goods movement will only show the ea’s for each HU produced all in a row.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thanks !

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