How to change ISU invoice reversal due date?

Hello, I am looking for a way to change the due date of an invoice reversal (as per demand of a client).

Today, it is a standard procedure in SAP to attribute the due date of the invoice to the invoice reversal.

Ex: an invoice with document date 01.01.2024 has a due date of 16.01.2024 (as per the payment terms -> due date must be 15 days from document date for example), when the invoice is reversed on the 15.02.2023, the reversal document still has the due date of 16.01.2024. 

What I want is for the invoice reversal to have the same treatement as the invoice which means a due date of 30.02.2024 (15 days from document date)

Is there any way to manipulate the due dates for reversal documents through an event? I looked in R428 but didn’t seem to find anything.

Thank you for your help!


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