Melbourne BTP Innovation Day & Stammtisch Mar ’24

Yesterday (21/04/2024) I attended the SAP BTP Innovation Day Melbourne 2024 with a strong contingent of the Melbourne SAP community. It was a great day of meeting old and familiar faces and hearing about the experiences and innovations on SAP BTP. This was the first time I have attended this, and I would like to congratulate SAP ANZ team behind it on the great work leading to a successful event. These kind of things take a lot of effort and it is much appreciated.

Afterwards we kicked off the SAP Stammtisch Melbourne Mar ’24 and I was really pleased with how it all came together. It was so encouraging to see the SAP community showed up and socialised in such an organic and open way. There were plenty of great discussions, from technical to social, practical to philosophical and really good intermingled interactions. The venue was also great, some of us grabbed dinner and there was a good beer selection at the bar. The environment was well suited to allow relaxed conversation.

We also had some good discussions on ideas for a possible inside track, with the thought of extending the vibe of the Stammtisch, and having people prepare some experiences to share with the group. 

Please add your comments if you attended with any experiences you’d like to share from the evening and thoughts on frequency

Also please share your thoughts regarding ideas inside track

Big thanks to all who attended (and those who tried – see you next time). Thanks to those who promoted (especially @sveabecker, Chris Bishop, @pjcools@custodio  ) and also nice effort from David Guess who came all the way from Adelaide!

I wanted to share a pic below, please forgive my oversized noggin with an odd selfie expression 😉





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