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SAPinsider Las Vegas: Overview of the week
  – SAP CodeJams: 

‘Did You Know’ shorts Nr. 17 – Using browser-based SSO with the btp CLI 
  – Log in help: 

SAP Build Code Ask Me Anything 
  – Webinar page: 

WebdriverIO and wdi5 community event 
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AI Developer Challenge 
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0:00 Intro 
0:10 SAPinsider Las Vegas: Overview of the week 
1:15 ‘Did You Know’ shorts Nr. 17 – Using browser-based SSO with the btp CLI 
1:50 SAP Build Code Ask Me Anything 
2:47 WebdriverIO and wdi5 community event 
3:31 AI Developer Challenge 



Josh & Rich: Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s special edition of the Developer News. I’m here with
Rich Heilman, I’m Josh Bentley. We’re very happy to have Thomas Jung behind the camera. Nora’s inside
getting ready for a great show, but I wanted to highlight two sessions I’m doing. I’m going to be showcasing
SAP Build and going through the CodeJams that we can do for you in America and around the world on the
CodeJams that have been built by Ian and Shrini and the team with Daniel. Really getting some great
content out there. What’s really nice is we’ll get a really wet your appetite session done today and then
tomorrow I jump into a what runtime should I use when I’m using SAP BTP. Now I don’t know anything about
what Rich is doing so let’s ask him. Rich, what are you doing? Yeah so of course I’m doing an ABAP. So I’m
doing a lecture session with S4HANA extensibility and then we’re doing a two-hour hands-on session with
RAP. So the ABAP RESTful applications for a great reply. Nice. What have you been doing the rest of the
day? I’m checking out some sessions and talk some customers and partners seeing what they’re up to,
having a good time. Very nice. Alright folks, hope you enjoy it.

DJ: Did you know the BTP CLI supports single sign-on via the browser? This is a great option for when
you’re already authenticated in your browser, through whatever identity provider you use. One short couple
of clicks, and you’re locked in.

Thomas: Well, coming to you from SAP Insider in Las Vegas, we have exciting news about the upcoming
launch of SAP Build Code. We’re just days away from the product launch on March the 27th. Also to
celebrate the launch of SAP Build Code, we have a BTP Ask Me Anything webinar series taking place on
that day. So you can sign up now and if you don’t know anything about Build Code, you’ll get your first
introduction to it, or come with questions about SAP Build Code. On launch day, we’re going to have tons of
other activities starting off, as well as blog posts to describe Build Code, new tutorials badges to be earned,
and keep an eye out later in April for some live streams that will go over the generative AI capabilities of
Build Code as well. So we’re gearing up for all the excitement of SAP Build Code, and can’t wait for you to
be able to try the final product.

Nico: Hi everyone, and welcome to the SAP Developer News. We just wrapped up a fantastic
ConnectingSAP event here in South Africa, and I just wanted to let you know that there is a great community
event coming up on April 11th in Waldorf, Germany. It’s about, the popular browser and mobile
test automation framework, and about WDI5, which is the service for testing UI5 applications.
to meet some familiar faces in the UI5 world, as well as the core maintainers of and connect
with them over a cup of coffee. You can catch all the details about the event in the description and I hope to
see you soon. Bye!

Nora: Hey, I was super excited to see all the really cool use cases that came out of the code challenge here
on Monday at the SAPInsider that we hosted. And the teams had a lot of really cool use cases and they
implemented a lot of different approaches using large language models ranging from retrieval augmented
generation to giving the large language models tools to use like a search engine or a very advanced prompt
engineering and the winning team actually implemented an assistant that they even integrated into an ABAP
system that would help their customers answer questions about error messages and what they did was they
actually leveraged the entire information on the SAP community platform. So that was really cool and they
get to go to the Cirque du Soleil tonight. Yeah, so a lot of really cool things happening here and see you!

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