The digital skills initiative for women

Hi @David_Chaviano,

Thank you for the initiative. I am a 31 year old woman, originally from Afghanistan and I am the first generation who had the opportunity to get an academic education. I studied civil engineering at the university in Germany and then business administration.


I have been working in an SAP consulting company in HR for over three years. Here I had the opportunity to work on internal implementations – including SAP SucceccFactors EC, Recruiting, EC-Timeoff – in addition to the everyday HR topics. However, as I do not have SAP knowledge, it is difficult to retain what I have learnt and this cannot be proven by a certificate. Since the internal implementations, my interest in the SAP world has increased. The possibility of SAP Certificate is unfortunately limited as a non-consultant, so I find this a great initiative for my further development and professional career.


Thank you so much. 

Kind regards


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