RAP dump: Frontend Error: Resource not found for the segment ‘Delete_mc’.

Hi experts,

I created a behavior definition, and it is working fine properly but after adding the “delete” the program dumped


This is the dump details

Frontend Error: Resource not found for the segment ‘Delete_mc’., Service: /SAP/-ZUI_AJ_SD_MAIN2_V2-0001

what does that mean and how can I fix this?

CDS behavior definition



strict ( 2 );

define behavior for ZI_AJ_SD_VBAK2 alias VBAKBDef
implementation in class ZCL_BP_I_AJ_SD_VBAK2 unique
persistent table VBAK
lock master
authorization master ( instance )
//etag master <field_name>
field ( readonly ) SalesOrderID;

// update;
association _ZI_AJ_SD_LIPS2 { create; }
association _ZI_AJ_SD_VBAP2 { create; }

mapping for vbak {
// CDS field = table field
SalesOrderID = vbeln;
SalesDocType = auart;
DocumentDate = audat;
SalesOrg = vkorg;
DistChnl = vtweg;
Division = spart;
RDD = vdatu;
PurchaseOrder = bstnk;
SalesDocCategory = vbtyp;

// behavior definition for VBAP and LIPS






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