SAP Developer News, April 25th, 2024

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ABAP Cloud Developer Trial 2022

Upgrade SAP Business Application Studio to SAP Build Code

Joule for freestyle UI5 and SAP Fiori elements development

SAP Developer Insights 2024 Survey Results

SAP Build Apps Developers Challenge Week-4

What’s New in SAP Build – Seamless Integration of Processes and Apps



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0:10 ABAP Cloud Developer Trial 2022 now available!

1:28 Upgrade SAP Business Application Studio to SAP Build Code

2:21 Joule for freestyle UI5 and SAP Fiori elements development

3:15 SAP Developer Insights 2024 Survey Results

4:30 SAP Build Apps Developers Challenge

5:22 Integration between Build apps and process automation


Rich: Hey folks, Rich Heilman here, just got back home from the CodeJam Roadshow, and I have some great news for all the ABAP developers out there. Yes, it’s true, the ABAP Cloud Developer Trial 2022 is now here and available as a Docker image or as a cloud appliance in the cloud. Last Friday, Julie Plummer announced the news in her blog post where she covers all the details about what’s included, some important highlights about the release, as well as links to additional reading about ABAP cloud and extensibility. This is surely welcome news from the community in general as I know that many have been waiting for a local ABAP instance which fully supports the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model. This also means, folks, that you now have no excuse not to dig in and try out RAP for yourself. This will be your programming model for the foreseeable future, so make sure to get your ABAP Cloud Developer Trial 2022 and get your hands dirty with RAP today. Special thanks to Julie, Ralph, and the entire team for making this happen. Get coding!  

DJ: A few weeks ago SAP Build Code went G/A. We had an SAP Developer News item about it where we also told you about the test drive period which is coming to an end this week. During this test drive period the team has had some great feedback including a wish to be able to migrate existing SAP Business Application Studio instances to SAP Build Code. Well, now you can do that and you can also even access the projects you’ve created in SAP Business Application Studio from the DevSpace manager in SAP Build Code. It all revolves around migrating to a new Build Code plan for the subscription. Anyway, check out all the details in Rupa’s blog post.  

Nico: Hi, everyone, and welcome to the SAP Developer News. As already announced a few weeks ago, SAP Build Code is now generally available, and it’s also part of SAP BTP trial, by the way, which is completely free. One of the highlights of SAP Build Code is Joule, your generative AI assistant, and we wanted to point your attention to a few blog posts written by the UI5 and the SAP Fiori tools team, who show how you can use Joule for your UI5 and SAP Fiori elements development. Joule, of course, is context sensitive, and it knows when you fire up a UI5 resource, for example, an XML view or a JavaScript controller. Then it’s best with big tasks, for example, with creating whole new views with routing, etc. in place. Check out the links in the description, try it out, and let us know what you think. Bye.  

DJ: Earlier this year, we ran the fifth annual SAP Developer Insights Survey. It ran for six weeks and we had almost a thousand responses from over fifty countries. Well, the numbers have been crunched and the report has been finalized. there are the usual fascinating statistics, such as the popularity of programming languages, like to see Perl on there, great stuff, and also for example, the IDEs and editors of choice, where’s Vim? Anyway, alongside these standard stats, there are also some fascinating insights, including no code, low code usage, awareness of guidance documents, solution architecture, to name but a few. Anyway, the entire report is out, it’s published, it’s available, so check it out. The link, as always, is in the description.  

Rekha: Hello, everybody. I hope you are all enjoying the spring season. It’s an immense pleasure to bring to you the latest news in SAP Build Solution area. I have two key points to emphasize. Number one, you all know we developer advocates are running SAP Build Apps Developer Challenge throughout this April month. This is the last week of this challenge. Our developer advocate, Shrinivasan Neelamegam, has put together this week’s challenge, where you learn about the native device capabilities of SAP Build Apps, like GPS, the Global Positioning System, And apply that knowledge to a mobile app that shows relaxing and fun spots like cafes, restaurants, movies around your own locality. It’s a powerful feature to learn. Thank you for all those taking part in the challenge so far and we encourage you all to finish this week’s challenge as well. Highlight Point 2 If you are eager to know what’s new in SAP Build, well here it is. Within SAP Build apps, you can now trigger and consume the business processes that you have created using SAP Build Process Automation. Earlier, the connection between apps and processes was established using APIs. This new feature bridges this gap to provide a seamless integration experience for developers. If you would like to learn the concepts like how to get started, prerequisites in BTP, how to set up the integration, do read up this blog post by our product expert Esmee Xavier for more details. Wish you a great time ahead. Thank you. 

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