Vendor Subrange

Vendor Subrange for order currency.

Let’s consider we have one vendor i.e. “XYZ LTD.” which is maintained for
some specific Purchase Organization “CP00” for Order currency “INR”

But the same vendor can also accept multiple currency like INR, USD, EUR, & AED

We can assign multiple order currency for single plant also and for one vendor.
So for that we need to maintain the vendor order currency for three different
countries for this purpose SAP define the Vendor Sub-Range & Can assign
respective Ordered currency & Partner function each one of those.

Create a New Vendor Mater Record by using T-Code: – XK01

Under the Purchasing view click on Different data as shown below.


By click on this system will give below message


Click on YES


Enter the Vendor Subrange & VSR Description.
➔ Enter the Plant & Tick on Purchasing Data.
➔ Press enter.


Enter the Order Currency & Terms of Payment.

Again create Another Vendor Sub Range for another currency as below.


Enter the Order Currency & Terms of Payment. For Second VSR.


Save the data.

By display the Vendor by using T-Code: – XK03 check the VSR created as

Same vendor number but we assigned multiple order currencies.


While creating Purchase order we can use supplier subrange to choose the required currency 


As per this we can set the Multiple Ordered Currency for Single Plant & well as for Different Plant & same Vendor also.

All the remaining procedure is Same as P2P cycle.









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