Number which is assigned apart from the material number in SAP MM in order to differentiate
between individual pieces and other material items. The combination of material number and serial number
is unique.

Serialized Inventory: 

Serialized Inventory is the tracking of individual units using Unique Serial Numbers. Serial Numbers are differentiated from SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). 

  • SKU Numbers Identify the type of Product while Serial Numbers identify one Specific item or a part of an item.

    Configuration Steps:
    1. Serial number profile configuration. (OIS2)
    2. Assign serial number profile to material master (MM01/MM02) under plant data /
    storage location 2 view.

    Path: (SPRO → SAP Ref IMG → Materials Management → Purchasing) or OLME → Serial Numbers →
    Determine serial number profiles



    Important Settings in serial number profile configuration
    ➢ Serial Number Existence Requirement: Indicator that determines whether the serial numbers
    entered for a business transaction need to be created first as a master record in the system.

    • If the indicator is set, the serial numbers must be created first as a master record in the system.
    • If the indicator is not set, the serial numbers are created during a business transaction

    Equipment category:

    It is used to categories your equipment according to broad criteria, such as we
    have used it as Electrical equipment, Mechanical equipment, Instrumentation equipment, PRT
    (production resources tool), Vehicles, also some category where material serial no. functionality is

    Stock Check for Serial Numbers: This indicator states whether the system should perform a stock
    check during serial number assignment. If it should, it also establishes with what type of notification
    (warning or error) the system reacts in the event of stock inconsistencies with Inventory

    Serializing Procedures: 

    It is a four-digit identification code which describes a serialization Procedure. Define on the business requirement you can set different scenarios for a serial number profile. 

    Select the line item of the serial number profile and click on the Serializing Procedure.

    MMSL and POSL Procedure is the standard one from MM side. 

     SerUsage (Serial number usage)
    Indicator that determines for a business transaction, whether
    ▪ No serial numbers are assigned
    ▪ Serial numbers can be assigned
    ▪ Serial numbers must be assigned
    ▪ Serial numbers are assigned automatically

    If the serial numbers are automatically assigned during a transaction, the dialog box for
    creating serial numbers is not be displayed.


    Eqreq (Equipment Requirement) 

    Entry that determines whether or not an equipment master record should be created for each number when assigned Serial Numbers. 


  • If you choose the indicator “Default: Without Equipment”, the user can later decide when assigning serial numbers in the dialog box, whether an equipment master record still be created. 
    • If you choose the indicator “With Equipment” this is binding for the user. The indicator cannot be reset. 

      Central Control Parameters for Serial Numbers
      Path: (SPRO → SAP Ref IMG → Materials Management → Purchasing) or OLME → Serial Numbers →
      Central Control Parameters for Serial Numbers
      In this step, you define a central default equipment category for the serial number management.
      This equipment category is proposed by the system if the system cannot find an equipment category in
      the serial number profile for a serialization operation.
      Note: If you create master records for serial numbers manually the system automatically proposes the
      default equipment categories defined here. The internal number range of the equipment category you
      selected is copied automatically.
       Serial number range (Internal Number Assignment)
      Number that determines how documents are to be numbered by the system. It indicates
      which number range is relevant for a document type.
      The numbers assigned via this setting are irrelevant for actual serial number management,
      since you work with serial numbers or material numbers in the application transactions. The
      numbers assigned here, however, are keys for the equipment file, as a basic equipment
      master record is created in the background for each serial number.
      For this reason, the internal number range of the selected equipment category will be

      Create the Serial Number in Transaction code in IQ01

      The Initial Screen Appears like 

      By Entering the Material Number and Category click on the Existing Serial Number list tab as shown. 

      In this Transaction we can create serial numbers manually one by one. 

      Stock Type is the Mandatory field. (I.e., Unrestricted use or Quality or Blocked) 

      By Maintaining all the data click on the save data. 















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