Quality Management Software: Use the SAP QM Module or Expert System in AS9100?

Hello! All good?

Currently in the industry where I work, we use the SAP ECC QM module with a very high level of customization to meet the requirements of A&D regulatory bodies.

We’re starting a program to review and simplify business processes and Quality Management is among the most complex and customized within SAP ECC. We are researching and analyzing the possibility of using an expert system for this process, compliant with AS9100, in order to eliminate the great customization we have in ECC.

I would like to hear from colleagues in the group:

1) Does your company use SAP QM exclusively for product quality management? If yes, is your SAP QM highly customized to meet all the necessary requirements?

2) Does your company use any Quality Management Software other than SAP? Which? Do you understand that it was a good decision to use specialist software and keep SAP QM as standard as possible? Report your experience in this transformation process.

3) If possible, detail more information relevant to the Quality Management process that could help me and other colleagues in making decisions on how to define the systemic future of this process.

Thank you all very much for your contribution.

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