Efficiency in development: Test Data in development client

Hi SAP community,

I am a developer and often encounter a problem that slows down my development process: Bad or no test data in my development client. I would like to know how other companies do this.

The problem is related to our system landscape:

  • One development system (DEV) with client 100 for development and customizing and one client 101 with barely usable test data
  • One quality system (QUA) and of course one productive system (PRD)

For almost all development changes I make, I have to transport to QUA in order to test. In the worst case, This can take 15 minutes of waiting, because that’s the import frequency into QUA. This frequency is not increased because of fear of overlaps when one big transports takes longer than the interval of 15 minutes. Is this a reasonable fear? Please share your experience for this too.

If I’m lucky and there is usable test data in the DEV system, I still cannot directly set break-points in ADT, because they are set in client 100 and test data is in 101. So I need to logon to client 101 in order to test.

This is very inefficient and frustrating. How is your setup, how do you deal with this?

SAP’s recommendations I have found so far are also not unanimously. Sometimes, SAP recommends a “golden client”, but in other online resources it’s called an outdated concept.

During our transformation from R/3 to S/4, our colleagues tried to merge client 100 and 101 into one client. But there were some hurdles that apparently could not be overcome – I was not involved in the details, but the client seemed to be “not consistent”.

Unit Tests would be a solution, but are not feasible with all our 20+ year old legacy code and without dedicated time to build them.

Looking forward to your experiences!

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