SAP Stammtisch Plus – Gurgaon – May 2024 (H1)

We are excited to invite you all to our 2024, H1 edition of SAP Stammtisch Plus at SAP Labs, Gurgaon. Remember the theme this time is SAP Business AI. 

Date : 30th May 2024, Thursday

Time: 3 PM to 6 PM

Discussion topics:

1. #SAPBusinessAI,
2. #GenAI,
3. #SAPHANACloud Vector Engine,
4. Retrieval Augmented Generation(#RAG),
5. Knowledge Graph,
6. Enterprise Automation and much more.

Kindly register your interest to attend the event. For speakers, kindly register here as well and do write to me with your topic of interest with a short write up on SAP Community. Do join the SAP Community Gurgaon Group to connect with local peers and send a message to me as well.

Here is the link to join the Gurgaon Group on SAP Community –

You can also find more about it in the blog here


Chandra on behalf of SAP Gurgaon Community Core Team


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