How to create Tier2 wrappers for DDIC objects in ABAP cloud?

Hello Experts,

We are currently rebuilding our addons from classic ABAP to ABAP Cloud. Whatever the release DDIC objects are not sufficient for our code. How we can get the nominated classic DDIC to use it in tier 2 wrappers?

For Example, We have used KUNNR, CCNUM, CCINS data elements in many places of our product. For the KUNNR , we can see the alternative released  API ‘SD_CUSTOMER_NUMBER‘. But this released API does not have the search help.

  • Let’s say if we replace the KUNNR with SD_CUSTOMER_NUMBER, On F4 Help can’t get the customer numbers list.  In such a scenario, How can we create a wrapper? ( Because there are no nominated classic APIs for Data element , Domains and Table types in the link ‘ ‘Nominated APIs’.   I can see only CLAS, INTF, FUNC, CDS_STOB in the object type drop down)

Thanks in advance,




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