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Mastering SAP Collaborate

Extension Architecture Guide:

SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2405

 Edge Integration Cell on K3S:

New Features for SAP Fiori elements for OData V4



0:00 Intro

0:08 Mastering SAP Collaborate

1:19 DYK – CAP Plugins

2:08 Extension Architecture Guide

3:05 SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2405

4:25 Edge Integration Cell on K3S

5:25 New Features for SAP Fiori elements for OData V4


[Michelle and Tom] Hello from Mastering SAP Collaborate in Melbourne, Australia.

[Michelle] I’ve never been to Australia before, so I was so excited to get invited to the Mastering SAP Convention in Melbourne, Australia. It’s great. This morning, I was able to give a CodeJam on introducing the fundamentals of SAP UI5, and tomorrow I’ll be giving a presentation on building awesome UIs using metadata drawing controls.

[Tom] Hey, we’ve had a great week here at Mastering SAP. Got to lead a session this morning on the future of development trends in the SAP world. And of course, that discussion was dominated heavily by AI and how AI tooling and generative AI is impacting the way that we do development. We’ve also had a couple of hands-on sessions in the form of CodeJams. The other day we did the ABAP Cloud CodeJam. Tomorrow we’re doing the Cloud Application programming CodeJams so people are getting to see both major programming models side by side. It’s been a great week, can’t wait to see everybody at Mastering SAP again next year.

[DYK] You know that the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model has a plug-in technology to allow you to take entire components and add them to your projects? This plugin technology allows you to integrate both enhancements from SAP as well as open source projects. Integrating these into your projects can be as simple as adding an NPN package and then using special annotations or other configuration options in the package JSON. Check out the CAPHIRE documentation for the full list of plugins as well as how to use each one.

[Antonio] Hola, SAP developers and architects. Are you familiar with the extension architecture guide? It is part of the BTP guidance framework, and it is based on the application extension methodology. This guide will help you decide which SAP technology to use on a given scenario. So for example, it provides you with extension use case patterns, which will help you decide if that extension should be developed in the SAP S4 HANA stack, or if it is best suited for a side-by-side extensibility scenario on SAP BTP. It will also provide you with a presentation to your guidance. So for example, when you’re building your custom UIs, be it web or mobile, it will help you decide which SAP technology to use. I’m including the links in the description below.

[Sheena] Hello everyone, the 2405 release of SAP BTP ABAP environment was made available to customers and partners during the last weekend. Let us quickly check some of the major release highlights. ABAP development tools has many new features in 2405 release, including availability of new editors for launchpad spaces and page template, feed for ABAP contract check violations, managing ABAP unit tests with quick actions and additional syntax highlighting. The updates in RAP include support for sub-entities as authorization master, entity assignment of RAP business events, and defining result cardinality for factory actions. One of the major updates in the administration is the table analysis, which is a guided analysis of the table statistics from aggregated views over time regarding memory, disk usage, and table records. There are more updates in the area of integration and connectivity, key user extensibility, reuse services, and data access. Merve Temel has summarized all the information about 2405 release in her latest blog post and also provided links to the official release notes page. So check out the links in the description for more detail.

[Antonio] Hola, SAP developers. Now, you’re interested in checking out edge integration cell but don’t want to deal with the complexity of a Kubernetes cluster, then I recommend you to check out Gunter’s blog post, where he ends up deploying edge integration cell on a VM by leveraging Rapture’s K3S. In his blog post, he has a step-by-step on how to achieve this. This could be a good approach if you want to get some hands-on experience on edge integration cell, for example, if you are running a quick proof concept. So make sure to check that out. Also I want to remind you in case you missed it that we have some SAP Tech Bytes episodes focusing purely on edge integration cell that were created by Vinajak and yeah make sure to check those out if you want to dive deeper into what’s required to deploy edge integration cell. Happy learning!

[Nico] Hi everyone, and welcome to the SAP Developer News. We want to point your attention to some new interesting features for SAP Fiori elements for OData v4 In this blog post, Sebastian Werner highlights some of the features that were recently released, one of them being that you can now see previously entered values in filter bars. Another example is that you can now configure the share to Microsoft Teams button via the manifest. Check out the blog post in the description as well as the release notes. And see you soon, bye!

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