Help with “scroll to” flow function

Perhaps I’m missing something but I can’t get the “scroll to” flow function to scroll to the top of a page after a button press. Reference documentation for the function states that the page will be set to a selected Y-coordinate that is a distance in pixels from the top of the page. So when I set my Y-coordinate to 0, that should scroll the page to the top right? However nothing is happening 

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 1.51.37 AM.png

For context, I have a social photography sharing app that deals with long lists with image components. It is not possible performance wise to load hundreds of these image posts at once therefore I wish to load only a few at a time. When the user gets to the bottom of a list, they tap a “load more” button and a new batch of posts is presented.


 In order to maintain app performance, the first batch of posts is discarded while the new batch is in view. However this new batch starts at the bottom of a list and I wish to start at the top hence the need for the “scroll to” function.  I also tried using recycler view,  but I was not able to get good performance so I opted to use page pagination instead with a scroll view. I get much better app performance this way with the added bonus of being able to add more than one container at a time within scroll view. Hopefully someone can shed some light here

App ID: 102109

Page: community wall



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