SAP Inside Track Wroclaw 2024 – Call for papers

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that, thanks to cooperation of Capgemini and  WSB Merito Wrocław, SAP Inside Track in Wroclaw (Poland) returns after a long break!

SAP Inside Track will come back on 06.07.2024 in Fabryczna 14G, Wroclaw.

Right now we are looking for speakers!

About event: An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the Community (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect. The event is organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Who can be a speaker?: Everyone, who would like to join and share their knowledge and experience

Language? Polish and English

Streams? You’re developer or functional consultant? Perfect! We want to hear from both sides!

How to sign in?  You just need to fill application form

• The lecture time is a maximum of 20-25 minutes.
• The last day for submitting proposals is 10.06.2024
• Wait for the contact of our team until 15.06.2024 with confirmation.

Event is also on LinkedIn

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