Concento RDG provides a new functionality-Importing of UI Field Property Rules by Change Request Step from one change request to another change request.

Concento Rapid Data Governance(RDG) is a product based on SAP Master Data Governance. The product helps users create UI field property rules for any selected Change request steps more straightforwardly with the help of its UI interface. It also allows users to automate many essential steps to implement the MDG functionalities. Its design allows users without technical SAP MDG knowledge to create change requests, business rules, field property rules and workflows based on the requirement.

This blog illustrates a copy feature. In the traditional SAP MDG system, there is no easy way to copy the field property rules from one change request to another change request type by change request step. RDG allows copying different kinds of rules more efficiently and is time-friendly.

Below are the steps to copy the field property rules from one change request to another change request by CR step in RDG:

  • In the main RDG menu, select “Field Property Configuration.”



  • Users must select the change request type to copy the field property rules from the existing change request type.



  • Select the “By CR Step Type” option in Select Rule Type dropdown.



  • After selecting the change request type, the user must select the CR step to copy the rules.



  • After selecting the CR Step, click on “Import” button to start the process of copying the rules.



  • After clicking on import button, select the source change request, source change request step and the entities and click on “Save”.



  • Select the suitable package.


  • The UI property rules are copied from source cr to target cr .


  • The copied rule is generated in BRF+ automatically when we do the above process in RDG UI.




Concento RDG is a certified SAP BTP solution and is available on SAP App Store

Please check out more details about the product here: Partner Add-on Solution

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