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With more than 90 services and products in the SAP Discovery Center as of today, SAP Business Technology Platform offers innovative solutions for every scenario imaginable. Staying up to date on all the ones you are using, and their upcoming new features can be a time-consuming challenge. The more services you use, the more content you need to keep track of: Blog posts, newsletters, videos, podcasts, webcasts, social media channels, webpages… there’s a long list of excellent and helpful content out there to inform you about recently added features but gathering them for each release can take some time.

To make finding these resources more efficient and convenient, the Readiness@Scale team is launching the Release Navigator for SAP Business Technology Platform – Coming on September 19, 2023.

Your SAP BTP Release One-Stop-Shop

The release navigator consolidates essential release content from SAP Product Management, SAP User Assistance, SAP Learning, SAP Enterprise Support, and other areas of the SAP ecosystem – accessing release content has never been easier!

On the Home Page you can find curated essential Release Resources across all of SAP BTP, important Release Dates as well as General Resources that can help you stay up-to-date and get the most out of your SAP BTP products and services.

At the top of the Home Page you can also find resources to help you get the most of the release navigator:

  1. A Guided Tour, created with native SAP Enable Now, which will instruct you how to use the release navigator.
  2. This SAP Community Blog Post for reference.
  3. A Feedback Survey where you can request new topics to be added or provide feedback regarding the usability of the release navigator. This survey is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us how the navigator has worked for you and how we can make your release experience better.


Home Page: General Release Resources for SAP BTP

Curated Product Resources

Besides these high-level resources, we have gathered Product Resources that help you stay on top of new feature releases organized by SAP BTP Product Pillars.


Home Page: Navigating to Product Resources

At launch, these products and services will be covered in detail*:

Application Development & Automation
  • SAP BTP, ABAP Environment
  • SAP Business Application Studio
  • SAP Build
    • SAP Build Apps
    • SAP Build Process Automation
    • SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition
    • SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition
Data and Analytics
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Datasphere
  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition
  • SAP Integration Suite
  • SAP Data Intelligence Cloud
Artificial Intelligence
  • SAP Business Services
  • SAP AI Core
  • SAP AI Launchpad

*More products and services will be added in upcoming quarters. If you are missing information on a specific product, please refer to the high-level SAP BTP resources, you will most likely find information in the SAP Roadmap Explorer and SAP BTP What’s New Viewer. Please also make use of our Feedback Survey to let us know what information you are missing! You can find the Feedback Survey at the top of the Home Page.

Release Guidance and Regular Updates

Each Product Page includes curated and selected resources that help you navigate feature releases.

The Release Guidance box provides additional context so you can decide which resource is the right one for your specific situation.


Exemplary Product Page for SAP Datasphere


The release navigator will be updated quarterly in alignment with the Harmonized Release Calendar for SAP Cloud Products.

Simple Design and Navigation

Staying true to our innovative user experience, we have designed the release navigator with the familiar SAP Fiori Morning Horizon theme for ease of use.

Product Pages each come with release guidance information and the tiles in the navigator have helpful tooltips and in some cases info-buttons to provide additional helpful information.


Info-Buttons for more information

Access the Release Navigator

Follow this blog post to be notified of the launch of the Release Navigator for SAP BTP on September 19 2023.

The release navigator for SAP Business Technology Platform will be accessible through the SAP Enterprise Support value map for SAP Business Technology Platform.

Value maps provide self-paced learnings, expert-led live sessions, collaborative forums, and access to SAP experts; all included as part of SAP Enterprise Support.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Sign-up for SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support.
  2. Access the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps.
  3. Navigate to the SAP Business Technology Platform Value Map.

If you have a question regarding the value maps, or content therein, please use the Ask Questions feature in the value map or contact us at [email protected].

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