SAP Private Link service on AWS is now Generally Available (GA)!

After the successful launch of the SAP Private Link service on AWS beta in November 2022, we are delighted to announce that the SAP Private Link service on AWS is now Generally Available (GA)! 

You can now access selected services created in your own AWS account via a private network connection from SAP BTP in the following regions: 

  • eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) 
  • us-east-1 (N. Virginia) 
  • sa-east-1 (São Paulo) 
  • ap-northeast-1 (Tokyo) 
  • ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) 
  • ap-southeast-1 (Singapore) 
  • ap-northeast-2 (Seoul) 
  • ca-central-1 (Canada)

SAP Private Link service currently supports connections from SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime and certain services on top to AWS Endpoint Service for the most common load balancer + VM scenario with e.g. SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP running on the VM, as well as the scenario of connecting to AWS native services, in particular to: 

Visit the official documentation for more information on how to use these services: Consume AWS Services in SAP BTP. 

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What to expect Next? 

  • Support of additional scenarios and list of supported services, in particular 
  • Out of the box support for additional SAP BTP services and environments (BTP Kyma, BTP ABAP) 
  • Connections initiated from within AWS to SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime or other SAP BTP services  
  • Support of additional native AWS services  
  • GCP as IaaS provider and the corresponding GCP Private Service Connect service  

Disclaimer: Please understand that SAP does not commit to, promise to, and is under no legal obligation to deliver these features in the future. This list of features may be changed or withdrawn by SAP at any time for any reason without notice, and business decisions should not be based on this.  


SAP Private Link service on AWS is now Generally Available and with that ready for prime time use in production. Furthermore, the service is now available in many new SAP BTP regions. 

Get started now with the SAP Private Link service! We’re eager to receive your feedback! 


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